It is the policy of the State of Illinois to ensure that the consistently high levels of public safety services are available to all members of the State, including people who may require special consideration in order to access services. This program shall seek to afford people with disabilities or special needs or both the same access to public safety services and emergency needs provided to all citizens. It is the intent of this program to offer guidance and direction to public safety and emergency service workers in responding to and assisting those people with special needs or disabilities or both with whom they will have contact in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. The ability to effectively deal with special needs individuals is enhanced with knowledge and or information. The ability to identify special needs individuals, their places of employment, educational facilities, and residences are valuable resources in instances when or if an emergency or disaster response by either law enforcement, fire protection or emergency service workers, or all, are needed.

The Village of Beach Park is taking part in this premise alert safety program as it is designed to enhance police and fire and also emergency services to those Beach Park residents who have disabilities or special needs, by providing emergency service providers with vital information about individuals at a specific address. This could be a life saver for people who may have Alzheimer’s disease, are blind, paralyzed or autistic.

The information provided to first responders and emergency service providers for the premise alert program is stored at the Village of Beach Park in a secure database that can be provided to first responders and emergency service providers via their in-vehicle computers and computer aided dispatch systems.

This program allows families and medical personnel to voluntarily provide information about their special circumstances free of charge. Residents wishing to participate in this program should contact the Village of Beach Park (847) 746-1770 for details, or fill out the online notification form.

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