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Welcome to Beach Park! 
The snow and cold are here!  Well the cold definitely is.  As always, our Public Works Department is ready to start the season no matter what it brings.  We close out 2017 with an array of projects completed throughout our Village, including Sheridan Rd improvements.  These improvements include a walking path, pace bus stops with shelters and new fencing along a portion of Sheridan Rd.  The new Speedway service station on the corner of Green Bay and Wadsworth Road is definitely a welcome addition to what was a rather blighted area.  The cellular infrastructure pole was recently placed behind the Village Hall which will provide better Verizon service throughout a portion of the Village while providing the Village with additional revenue to offset not having a Beach Park property tax.

Please keep in mind our winter parking regulations....remember to move your vehicles off of the street whenever it is snowing and/or accumulation is 2 inches or more and for a period of 8 hours after snow removal is complete.  It is very difficult to plow our streets when vehicles are parked on them.  In addition, if you live in a neighborhood with public water and fire hydrants, please consider "adopting" a hydrant to keep it clear of snow and visible from the street for our first responders.   If you have questions or concerns, our Staff is here to help.  They can be reached at 847-746-1770.

 Your Mayor, John Hucker