Check out this LCDOT link for helpful information regarding snow routes, snow driving safety and other resources to help make your commute more manageable during this winter season.  Snow Season Information

For more information regarding the Bull Creek Stream Restoration Project that was recently completed, please visit this Stormwater Management link.

A portion of the Robert McClory Bike Path will be closed until 2018

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Visit the IEMA Website, where you will find an abundance of information related to everything from emergency preparedness to contact information for local resources.

***In an effort to promote timely water and sewer payments, a $25 fee will be assessed for all residents that receive a yellow door hanger before water shut offs occur.

Recycling can be cumbersome if you are unsure what items are recyclable.  Here is a link to the Advanced Disposal website with detailed information on what can be recycled and why:  Recycle Right!